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Michael's did excellent work on time and for the estimate given. I highly recommend them for any work

B Riley
Redmond, WA

Your Vehicle’s Service History

After having your vehicle serviced by Michael’s Auto Repair, you will have online access to all of the service and maintenance records for your vehicle. These records will include all service and maintenance work performed by Michael's Auto Repair. Simply click here and sign up or sign in to review your vehicle’s maintenance history.

Inferior Replacement Parts

I am not sure what to blame this on but lately we are seeing an invasion of what I call inferior replacement parts that have been installed at other repair facilities or possibly by the car owners themselves. These parts then fail or cause a problem to the cars which is what brings them . . . → Read More: Inferior Replacement Parts

To Change or Not Change Engine Oil at 3000 Miles

This is a topic where you will definitely hear different opinions based on marketing, scientific theories, and mine of course which is real world. As time has gone by what used to be the norm in changing you cars motor oil was every 3000 miles, now is some cases has been extended out to . . . → Read More: To Change or Not Change Engine Oil at 3000 Miles

Hidden Damage

Although we are not a collision center, repairing cars with body damage, I wanted to write a little about collision damage in case your vehicle is involved in a “minor” collision such as a low speed front or rear end collision. After getting over the instant shock of being struck by another vehicle, most . . . → Read More: Hidden Damage

Second Opinion

Often you hear folks with medical issues looking for a second opinion on a particular diagnosis they may not feel comfortable with, more so if the doctor that diagnosed the problem is new to them and that they have not established a trusting relationship.

Well, being a car doctor I am seeing more requests . . . → Read More: Second Opinion

Input Needed

In today’s column I wanted to try something different, I thought I would run something by the readers and would like to see how much interest this idea gets. I have been putting together information in order to present a no cost class aimed at the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle. This class . . . → Read More: Input Needed