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I really appreciated their desire to be helpful and save me money.

T Barnes
Redmond, WA

Your Vehicle’s Service History

After having your vehicle serviced by Michael’s Auto Repair, you will have online access to all of the service and maintenance records for your vehicle. These records will include all service and maintenance work performed by Michael's Auto Repair. Simply click here and sign up or sign in to review your vehicle’s maintenance history.

Diesel Service and Repair

Michael’s Auto Repair is now your resource for quality light to medium duty diesel service and repair. Today’s diesels are for a special person, and they deserve a special company to service them. Whether you are looking for a fuel filter change, a fuel injection diagnostic, or have a turbo malfunction, our facility is . . . → Read More: Diesel Service and Repair

Cold Weather Vehicle Preparedness

Now that fall has officially started, it is time to start preparing for winter. Cold weather can affect some parts of your vehicle, including the cooling system, belts and hoses, battery, and tires.

It is important that your cooling system has the correct concentration of antifreeze/coolant to protect against freezing temperatures. Antifreeze prevents the liquid . . . → Read More: Cold Weather Vehicle Preparedness

Warning Lamps. What do they mean? Part 2

“Brake” indicates a problem in the brake system, possible causes are low on brake fluid, parking brake not released completely or a hydraulic problem in the brake system.

“Oil” means a problem in the vehicles engine lubrication system, possible causes are that the engine is low on engine oil or the engine has a . . . → Read More: Warning Lamps. What do they mean? Part 2

Check Engine Light, Service Engine Soon, Etc.

You are driving along minding your own business and suddenly an amber or red light illuminates on your cars instrument panel “check engine”. You ask yourself, is this serious? Is my engine going to blow up? Is my engine out of oil? Personally I have not figured out why car manufacturers use this phrase. . . . → Read More: Check Engine Light, Service Engine Soon, Etc.

Preparing your car for the fall/ winter seasons

During the cold winter months make sure to have your battery checked if it is older than 5 years. Also check your tire condition to avoid traction issues. Making sure your coolant is in good condition will help with the cold temperatures. . . . → Read More: Preparing your car for the fall/ winter seasons

Catalytic Converter Theft

If your car is equipped with a catalytic converter (most cars are) it is possible that someone may attempt to steal it. The catalytic converter is placed within the vehicles exhaust system which runs under your cars floor. The catalytic converter is generally placed in the front section of the exhaust system. Why would . . . → Read More: Catalytic Converter Theft

Rodents In Your Car

I thought I would share some information regarding rodents nesting in cars. You most likely will not know you have this problem unless someone has opened the hood of your car and shared this with you or you have had a rodent related problem with your car. The little critters can cause literally thousands . . . → Read More: Rodents In Your Car

La Nina Is On Its Way

The media says that La Nina is coming back. Remember the last time she visited us? Absolute chaos in Seattle. We were unable to get down the street to our place of business, let alone get into the parking lot for four days. This is a reminder to be prepared if she does pay . . . → Read More: La Nina Is On Its Way

Automotive Tips

Here are some automotive tips that you may find helpful and interesting. 

●  A broom is the quickest way to clean snow from a car, you can cut the handle down and store it in your trunk.

●  Keep a few handy wipes in your glove compartment to remove gasoline odor from your hands . . . → Read More: Automotive Tips

Maintenance Servicing

Just recently I drove by a “Quick Lube” facility and to my surprise I noticed a banner hanging outside the building saying “We perform 30/60/90k services” and I thought to myself “Who in their right mind would have a “Quick Lube” facility perform this service on their vehicle?” You may ask, “Why not?” Well . . . → Read More: Maintenance Servicing